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Quick + Easy Snowy Chocolate Pinecones Recipe

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Made with dry cereal and a peanut but­ter mix­ture, it’s part-healthy, part-sweet, and 100% fun. This would be a great edi­ble craft for kids to make this win­ter when the snow is fly­ing and cabin fever has set in. No bak­ing required—just mix and assemble.

Recipe: Snowy Chocolate Pinecones (made from nutella and cereal)

And while they’re a clever snack for kids, these choco­late pinecones would also look very chic and ele­gant at a win­ter wed­ding recep­tion or snow-themed event. Mother Nature never tasted so sweet.

Snowy Pinecone Snacks

What You’ll Need

  • Choco­late Fiber One cereal
  • Pret­zel sticks (I used the thicker dip­ping sticks)
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup Nutella (choco­late hazel­nut spread)
  • 3 table­spoons soft­ened butter
  • 1 cup pow­dered sugar

Snowy Pinecone Snacks

Step 1
Mix together the peanut but­ter, Nutella, but­ter, and pow­dered sugar in a bowl.

Snowy Pinecone Snacks

Step 2
Take a pret­zel stick and mold some of the peanut but­ter mix­ture around it, form­ing a slight cone shape.

Snowy Pinecone Snacks

Snowy Pinecone Snacks

Step 3
Using the tip of the pret­zel for a han­dle to hold it steady, start insert­ing pieces of cereal into the peanut but­ter mix­ture in a sym­met­ri­cal pat­tern around the stick. Add the cereal pieces, stag­ger­ing them as you move upward until you get near the top.

Snowy Pinecone Snacks

Step 4
Cut some of the cereal pieces into tri­an­gles and add those at the top (as most pinecone scales get smaller toward the end.)

Snowy Pinecone Snacks

Step 5
If your pinecone is get­ting too tall (mine were), cut off the top of the pret­zel and add a dol­lop of peanut but­ter mix­ture to cover it. Insert a few more tri­an­gle pieces of cereal into the top of the pinecone.

Snowy Pinecone Snacks

Step 6
Dust with pow­dered sugar for a “snowy” effect.

Snowy Pinecone Snacks

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