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33 Unbelievable Cakes with Recipes

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1. This little mountain of happiness:

This little mountain of happiness:

2. This imposing, frozen edifice:

This imposing, frozen edifice:

Recipe: Classic Ice Cream Cake

3. This laid-back stack of gingerbread:

This laid-back stack of gingerbread:

Recipe: Gingerbread Layer Cake

4. These tiny berry delights:

These tiny berry delights:

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5. This tower of chocolate majesty:

This tower of chocolate majesty:

Recipe: Six-Layer Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream

6. This shining example of frosting perfection:

This shining example of frosting perfection:

Recipe: Chocolate Rose Cake

7. This ray of cake sunshine:

This ray of cake sunshine:

Recipe: Pumpkin & Bee Pollen Cake

8. This frilly cylinder of joy:

This frilly cylinder of joy:

Recipe: Ribbon Candy Cake

9. This sweet piece of rustic chic:

This sweet piece of rustic chic:

Recipe: Banana Carrot Cake with Ricotta Honey Frosting

10. This six-story high rise:

This six-story high rise:

Recipe: Cherry Almond Cake

11. This celebration of funfetti:

This celebration of funfetti:

Recipe: Six-Layer Funfetti Ombré Cake

12. This minimalist cake statement:

This minimalist cake statement:

Recipe: Vanilla Poppyseed Layer Cake

13. This hip, flower crown-wearing cutie:

This hip, flower crown-wearing cutie:

Recipe: Tres Leches (Three Milk) Cake

15. This old-fashioned confection:

This old-fashioned confection:

Recipe: White Chocolate Malt Cake

16. This work of art:

This work of art:

Recipe: Buttercream Watercolor Cake

17. This fabulous cake diva:

This fabulous cake diva:

Recipe: Rustic Red Velvet Cake

18. This epic gathering of gummy bears:

This epic gathering of gummy bears:

Recipe: Gummy Bear Layer Cake

20. This perfect chocolate circle:

This perfect chocolate circle:

Recipe: Chocolate Birthday Cake

21. This floral frosting masterpiece:

This floral frosting masterpiece:

Recipe: Peach Raspberry Rosewater Cake

22. These petite picnic sweets:

These petite picnic sweets:

Recipe: Little Apricot Cakes

23. This powerful pro-macaron statement:

This powerful pro-macaron statement:

Recipe: Pink & White Layered Sprinkle Cake

24. This once-in-a-lifetime frosting event:

This once-in-a-lifetime frosting event:

Recipe: DIY Rainbow Petal Cake

25. This love letter in cake form:

This love letter in cake form:

Recipe: Triple Berry Japanese Cotton Soft Cheesecake

26. This sophisticated ombré situation:

This sophisticated ombré situation:

Recipe: Vanilla Blackberry Mascarpone Cake For Two

27. This marriage equality cake that just wants to spread the love:

This marriage equality cake that just wants to spread the love:

Recipe: How To Make An Equality Cake

28. This classy operation:

This classy operation:

Recipe: Raspberry Neapolitan Party Cake

29. This speckled spectacle:

This speckled spectacle:

Recipe: Speckled Egg Cake

30. This fancy fringe model:

This fancy fringe model:

Recipe: Fringe Cake

31. This centenarian-worthy sugar party:

This centenarian-worthy sugar party:

32. This hopeless romantic:

This hopeless romantic:

Recipe: White Chocolate Rose Cake with Strawberries

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