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Easy Slow Cooker Tortellini Soup

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Creamy tortellini soup is one of my families great comfort food classics. Keeps us warm in the winter months, and it is so heavenly!

The Ingredients:
-1 jar Tomato Basil pasta sauce
-1 package family sized tortellini
-3 cups water
-2 large handfuls of fresh spinach or kale, washed
-2 large carrots, washed and diced
-1/4 of a yellow onion
-1 box (12 oz.) sliced white mushrooms
-1 32 oz box broth of choice
-6 garlic cloves, minced
-2 tablespoons Italian seasoning
-1 brick of cream cheese, cubed
-1 pound Italian sausage, browned and crumbled
1) Without adding the tortellini, combine all other ingredients to your slow cooker or crock pot. (Cook on high for 3 hours or low for 5 hours.)
2) Add tortellini, continue to cook (Cook on high for 2 more hours, or low for 3 more hours)
Voila! Delicious tortellini soup, so creamy & simple.

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